Proposal management for winning pursuit teams

PlannedWin helps your proposal team stay ahead of all response activities, and easily collaborate with internal and external subject matter experts.

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Information at your fingertips

Content Management

With our content library, you can file relevant information common across proposals and quickly pull them into your plan. Your company’s privacy policy, SLAs, and other standards can all be housed in a central location within PlannedWin’s proposal management software. Categorize and tag this information so you can quickly find the content you need and respond faster. If a response you need is not available, then you can assign that item to a subject matter expert.

PlannedWin Content Library

Key pursuit details

Mission control for proposal managers

Keep all proposal details in a centralized location that allows you and the team to easily collaborate, track, manage all response activities efficiently. PlannedWin replaces outdated, static documents with a dynamic portal accessible to your whole team - internal and external.

Small details matter.
Never miss a deadline or a key requirement again with our project overview dashboard.
Dynamic content tracking.
Create proposal sections, and issue content requests in seconds.
Collaborate from anywhere.
Our cloud based solution helps you safely coordinate with all of your internal and external partners, accross any tech stack or device.
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Your pursuit pipeline

Track all projects from a high level and plan to deliver

Our project timeline lets you easily view your active pursuits and opportunity roadmap. Understand your pipeline complexity and plan a balanced workload, all from an interactive summary view.

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Best in class pursuit planning

Finish your bids on time, every time

When you use our response management software, you’re more likely to submit proposals on time and increase your win rate, as well as reducing burnout and attrition.

$16k USD

The cost of onboarding new proposal managers

Using the right tools helps you manage your pursuit pipeline efficiently, retain instead of recruit talent, and prevent resource burnout.

$150 billion

The value of the federal market’s annual contracting opportunities

Plan and manage your proposal activities, and never miss a requirement with PlannedWin.

153 hours

Annual time savings for each proposal manager.

Switch between proposals with a click of a button, and avoid task switching and productivity drains.

Visualize success

Never miss a detail or deadline

View all projects, milestones, and deliverables in one interactive calendar. With color indicators and pop-up summaries, it’s easy for the entire team to use. With this visibility, you can stay ahead of looming due dates, anticipate bottlenecks, and clear roadblocks..

PlannedWin Project Calendar

PlannedWin Features

Everything you need to manage your proposal team activities.

Unlimited Projects

Move faster and see the big picture by tracking every sales response in the PlannedWin system.

Global Response Calendar

See the status of every project, writer, and SME who’s contributing to all company projects on one consolidated dashboard.

Manage Pursuit Team

Make sure proposal writers’ workload is manageable so they deliver the highest-quality responses.

Team Reporting

See real-time performance metrics that help you recover at-risk projects before key deadlines are missed.

Project Updates

Stop digging through your emails to find comments and updates. Find all updates in a single project dashboard.

Single Pane of Glass

Simplify project communication by aggregating all messages into a single stream within the related project.

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